Friday, March 7, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Percutaneous Laser Disc Ablation For Dogs With IVDD

Percutaneous laser disc ablation (PLDA) is an innovative, minimally invasive, prophylactic procedure used to prevent intervertebral disc ruptures in dogs with history of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).
Herniated disc

The procedure should lower recurrence rate to 3%, as opposed to 31-50% for dogs treated medically and about 19% for dogs treated surgically.

Using the guidance of a fluoroscope (real time x-ray machine), needles are placed into the nucleus of the disc. A small laser fiber is then placed through the needle into the nucleus and activated for 40 seconds. This laser surgical treatment liquefies the disc material, and scar tissue forms, which prevents the disc from herniating and injuring the spinal cord in the future.

Treated dogs can go home the next day and recovery period lasts two weeks. After that the dog can return to normal activity.

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Percutaneous Laser Disc Ablation

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  1. PDLA. Think this procedure might be beneficial to my dog (15yo husky with spinal issue/hind leg weakness). Any info on treatment centers in USA? Ohio dog lover! Mike :O0: