Friday, February 28, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Needless Needles?

Who doesn't hate needles? 

Jasmine surely hated them. Some medications must be injected, though, to be effective. One such example is insulin.

Robotic pill. Image Cimeq

In Australia, they've been experimenting with insulin delivery patches. Main problem with insulin is that it isn't very stable and requires very specific conditions to remain viable.

Rani Therapeutics is now working on a robotic pill, which may replace injectable medications.

Pretty clever, huh?

How does it work? The needles, preloaded with medication, are made of sugar and placed inside a capsule. The capsule also contains a valve and two compartments, one with citric acid and one with sodium bicarbonate.

 It doesn't dissolve until it reaches the intestine. There, when the capsule dissolves it exposes the valve causes the two compounds to mix into carbon dioxide. The resulting pressure drives the sugar needles into the intestinal wall.

Image Cimeq

Voila, the medication has been administered.

Because the intestinal mucosa does not contain pain receptors, it is pain free. The needles then dissolve and the rest of the capsule is eliminated in feces.

This technology is still in the research phase. But very cool with great potential.

Source article:
A Better Pill To Swallow

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