Friday, February 7, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Elbow Replacement

Did you know, that dogs now can have bad joints replaced? Your dog can get a total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and yes, even total elbow replacement.

Dogs suffering from elbow dysplasia, who didn't respond to other treatments, can get a spanking new elbow.

The procedure has been performed on over 200 dogs with positive results. The recovery is lengthy, with improvement starting at about 12 weeks post surgery and taking 6 months total.

It is a major procedure and there are risk of potential complications, including infections, fractures of the adjacent bone and issues with the implant.

If you, however, exhausted all other treatments to help your dog, this is another option out there.

Source article:
Is Your Dog a Candidate for Elbow Replacement?
Total Elbow Replacement
Does my dog need a total elbow replacement?

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  1. So this is how they do operation with dogs, it is interesting!