Friday, February 21, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Dry Eye Syndrome Clinical Trial

Having a problem with dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) myself, I can relate to how unpleasant it is. It turns out it is quite common in dogs and besides discomfort it can also lead to loss of vision.

US Davis is running an exciting clinical study on the use of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for the treatment of dry eye in dogs.

That is even more exciting, because we have direct experience using stem cell therapy for Jasmine, both for her arthritis and IBD. Same type, stem cells derived from the patient's own fat tissue.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been proven to reduce inflammation and differentiate into a variety of cell types. Since the most common cause of dry eye in dogs is an immune-mediated inflammatory response targeted against tear producing glands, this study was designed to determine if treatment with MSCs will cause local, long term control of tear gland inflammation and dry eye.

The harvested stem cells will be injected  into the tear producing glands.

If the stem cell treatment of dogs with immune-mediated dry eye results in increased tear production, it might eliminate the need for life-long topical medications.

I don't know about your dog, but Jasmine HATED getting eye drops.

The study covers the examinations, medications and study procedures; there is no cost to the owner.

 For details contact Monica Motta (530) 752-0926,

Source article:
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Clinical Studies


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I love all the pictures of the dogs. I've noticed for the past couple of weeks that my dog's eyes are looking a little off colored. I told myself to not worry about it, but to just keep an eye on her. It's been a couple weeks now, and the off color hasn't gone away. I'm a little worried that she has an infection or something of that sort in her eyes, and needs to be taken to the vet. I've been doing a little research about it, and it looks like a trip to the vet is in order! Thanks again for the info!

    Cherokee Vet

    1. Hi Sophia. Whenever there is a problem with your dog's eyes, it ALWAYS warrants a trip to the vet as soon as possible.