Friday, February 14, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Cancer Goggles

When removing malignant tumors, it is important achieve what is called clean margin - removing all cancerous cells. However, human eye cannot distinguish one from the other. That's why more tissue is removed in the attempt to get all of the cancer out.

A scientific team at Washington University is in the process of developing cancer goggles that should help surgeons see malignant tumor cells during a surgery. 

A contrasting agent, injected before the surgical procedure, stains the affected tissue making it glow under infrared light projected from the goggles.

While this technology is still in the development stage, it sounds seriously cool.

The goggles will be tested by researchers at the Missouri University veterinary school on dogs.

Clinical tests in dogs should begin soon.

Source article:
‘Cancer Goggles’ Help Surgeons See Malignant Tumor Cells; New Technology Will Be Tested In Dogs

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  1. Oh that is a great news , development is always good thing