Friday, January 24, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Goose Antibodies Parvo Treatment?

Now, here is a creative idea. Using antibodies, originated in goose, to treat canine parvovirus.

Presently, this is an experimental treatment.

But ongoing trials are showing reduction of mortality from canine parvovirus to 15%, with an average hospitalization of two days.

With supportive care, which is the only treatment presently available, the mortality is about 50%.

This would be the first actual treatment for parvo. Parvovirus primarily infects young puppies before they receive their full vaccinations, or dogs that have not been vaccinated.

A few months ago it was first used on puppies rescued from a puppy mill and one adult dog.

Avianax, the company working on the treatment, now has USDA permit to ship it to veterinarians who will use it in a field trial.

Considering how devastating parvo infection is, this is an exciting development to watch.


Source article:
Goose antibodies that can save puppies

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    1. Well, they are playing with the idea right now, opening it to field trials.