Sunday, December 1, 2013

ToeGrips Now Have A Canadian Distributor

I have written about ToeGrips in the past. It is an exciting product for dogs with mobility issues.

If your dog struggles on slippery surfaces, ToeGrips use dogs' natural bio-mechanics by providing traction through their toenails. They are made from natural nonslip material that grips the floor in a way the dog's toenails cannot. Thing of beauty.

ToeGrips have now signed an agreemend with WDDC, which is a well known veterinary supply company in Western Canada.

Veterinarians in Canada can now get ToeGrips through their local buying co-ops.

That is a great news, because getting stuff from the States is often expensive and cause for a headache.

My 15-year-old Yorkie, Teddi, was constantly falling on our hardwood and tile floors. She would try to turn and fall on one hip or the other, and was so unstable she was extremely hesitant to move around. It was a constant concern, and I had to strategically place throw rugs all over the house to help her negotiate the surfaces.

I was fortunate to switch to a vet who advised me about ToeGrips. I had them put on at the vet's office. I can't tell you how grateful I am. These have changed Teddi's life. The first day she had them she walked all over the house when we got home. She is totally confident in her ability to negotiate any flooring surface. It's made my old girl confident and happy.

~Josette Jones

Disclaimer: no, I am not getting paid to write about ToeGrips, I just think it's an awesome product. You can plaster your own home with rugs but what about the rest of the places your dog goes to?


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  1. I really like ToeGrips they have helped out many of my patients. Glad to see you now have them readily available in Canada.

  2. I went to my vet and they contacted their supplier and was told they dont carry this product. Any idea as to how I can get a hold of this product in Ontario?