Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nose Irritation And Runny Nose

Nasal irritation , runny nose, or sneezing can be due to allergies, tooth infections, irritations from powders, soil, or solutions, kennel cough, and tumors.

This clear discharge cleared up with a bit of cortisone and antibiotics. It was probably an allergic reaction(hay fever) or irritation to nasal passages.


Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM is a proponent of home cooked diets for dogs. He believes that feeding dogs differently  may prevent or help with chronic medical conditions like obesity, skin issue, ear issues, digestive problems, diabetes, mild seizures, and bladder crystals and stones.

He is the author of Dog Dish Diet, Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog's Health.
You can connect with Dr. Greg on Facebook or Twitter.

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