Friday, October 25, 2013

Veterinary Highlights: FDA Approves A Chewable Flea/Tick Preventive For Dogs

FDA has approved a chewable prescription product designed to treat and prevent flea infestations and treat and control the American dog tick in dogs and puppies.

American Dog Tick. Image
The active ingredient is afoxolaner, a compound with distinct mode of action. The preventive needs to be administered monthly.

According to Merial, the product works at a low dose and it will be available at four sizes.

I love new products but I'd rather not turn my dogs into guinea pigs.

Many vets, including ours, like to wait for the product being used for some time, so the risks and benefits become more clear.

Often, safety studies can be one thing and real life another.

Not that I automatically shy away from new things. 

Jasmine was one of the stem cell treatment pioneers and we're very happy we did that. But she also had a history of bad reactions to drugs. So I think very long and hard before reaching for any drugs or chemicals. Plus, our main problem up here are deer ticks.

Of course, there are situation when opting for something new might be the only and the best option.

Source article:
FDA approves Merial's NexGard, a chewable flea-tick preventive for dogs

Further information:
Product label


  1. Chewable? Hmm wonder how that works? I won't be trying that anytime soon as I have a hard time "experimenting" with new things for myself, let alone, not for my boy. Good info though!

  2. The information at one of those links explains that. Seems like it's just a different type of an insect neurotoxin.

    Technically, anything can be compounded into a chewable form, question is a) whether one wants it to enter the body and b) does a product enter the body even when applied topically.

    But it is a new compound and so I'll leave the experimenting to somebody else :-)