Book Review: Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know

I have to say that I can't think of a book with a catchier, more intriguing title than this one.

Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know. Doesn't that just make you damn curious?

Who wouldn't want to learn our best friends' deepest secrets?

Ok, you won't learn any REAL secrets here, but the book contains many witty insights on what our dogs might be thinking about us and about their lives with us. Well, a human interpretation of what our dogs might be thinking. On many accounts, my guess is, that it could be pretty close.

You may or may not learn something new about your dog's perspective on life, the universe, and everything, but you will certainly enjoy it and have some good laughs. I did.

I can just picture the stories and insights Jasmine would contribute. If she kept a diary, I imagine it would look something like this.

Eleven dogs with different lives and personalities, eleven points of view.

Beautifully designed, in full color, Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know makes a great gift for any dog lover, or yourself if you need a pick-me-up.

If you are going to buy it as a gift, save yourself the trouble and get two copies. Trust me, you'll want to keep one.


  1. Thank you so much for your great review and support of my new book, Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for visiting and you're welcome. Had a blast reading it! :-) It's going under the xmas tree :-)


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