Veterinary Highlights: Veterinary Thermal Imaging

I am quite excited about the veterinary thermal imaging stuff, particularly since there is a good chance that Jasmine's chiropractor will be getting one. I am really hoping that works out!

I talked to Veterinary Thermal Imaging and they provided me with some recent case studies. They'll also try to get me some on the use of thermal imaging in ACL injury diagnostics.

So far this technology made its way mainly into diagnostics of zoo animals and horses. I'd really love to see it being used more on dogs also.

Intermittent lameness in a Cocker Spaniel

Uninsured 9-year-old cocker spaniel, with intermittent lameness.

The owner felt that that problem was in the left hind leg. General x-rays of the limb were inconclusive, MRI scanning was cost prohibitive. Referred for Thermal Imaging by a Swindon Veterinary Hospital, which highlighted the problem to actually be in the right hind, within the aponeurosis of the adductus.

Left hind
Right hind
Ordinarily, the animal should be thermally symmetrical, deviation from this indicates an underlying problem.

With the problematic area pinpointed, and using the dynamic image function of the camera during the clinical examination to direct the vet to the seat of the inflammation, this could then be felt on careful palpation.

Condition resolved with Metacam, physio, and remedial exercise program, no further diagnostic tests or expense on the owners part required.

Epulis (tumor of the gums) in a Labrador Retriever

Uninsured 9-year-old Labrador bitch, referred by Oxfordshire based veterinary hospital. Presented with an ulcerating epulis in left commissure of mouth. MRI costs were prohibitive.

Thermal Imaging showed the extent of the mass prior to de-bulking (in conjunction with lateral and ventral views), and the spot temperature readings confirmed that there was a significantly increased temperature reading in the area consistent with the increased vasculature seen in a malignant growth.

The owner, previously unconvinced of the need to biopsy was persuaded to do so by the thermal images.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging Ltd is the largest UK company specializing in animal thermography or veterinary thermal imaging across all animal species. The company was established to bring the benefits of the latest technology and quality thermography to all animal owners and their health professionals, in the comfort of their own homes.

Check out their website for more case studies

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