Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Urgents Queenstown, MD

The Queen Anne’s County Department of Animal Services need urgent help finding homes for these dogs.

Jackie, a beautiful female Pit Bull Terrier, was a little shy when she came to the shelter, now she is worse. 

Mostly she is afraid of men. She warms up to women pretty fast, small kids I am sure she will be afraid of.  Jackie does play with other dogs at the shelter.

She really hates being at the kennel, I think there are a lot of things there that make her fearful. 

When I leave her she just holds on so tight. She needs to go to someone who understands shy dogs and will give her the time to feel safe. Because she is shy she doesn't show well in the kennel. She is a beautiful dog.

Jacks is a male pitbull, he is a big baby. 

He grunts a lot and sometimes it sounds like he is low growling, but he isn't, he is making grunting weird noises. He was found as a stray so we do not know much about him.

He is a love bug and really likes people. 

You can find out from a/c how he is with other dogs, he does walk well side by side. I have not tried to have him meet any other dogs when we walk, I do know he does play with dogs in the play yard.

Ramsey, American Buldog. What can I say, he is just a really wonderful dog. 

He gets along with people, kids other dogs, he is just a really well rounded dog.

I am surprised he is still at the shelter, the only reason I can see is he is just big. 

He walks really well on a sensation harness, he does pull without it. Turned in because too big for kids.

Bleek is a 7 year old boxer/pit mix. 

He is a terrific older dog who loves people gets along with other dogs and kids. 

He has been at the shelter since last October. He is starting to show signs of kennel stress and really needs to find a rescue or home soon. He is one of the favorites at the shelter.

Xena is a 5 month old female pitbull. 

She is very puppy-like, she is a little wild child until after she is walked for a while. 

By wild child I mean she jumps up for treats and is constantly moving. Once she gets the energy released she is pretty good. Doc says her leg doesn't hurt her and it may not, however, we do see her favor her leg when she goes for walks. I am not sure if she was a stray or not.

To help these dogs, please contact Ginny at ginnylee@atlanticbb.net.

The Queen Anne’s County Department of Animal Services provides a variety of animal related services.  Some of these include housing pets available for adoption, responding to calls for assistance related to domestic animals, responding to wild animal calls when an animal presents eminent danger to a human being or there is human interaction (for all other wildlife situations, please call Department of Natural Resources 410-758-2890).  Animal Services also presents educational programs to schools and community groups and as well coordinates pet fostering and pet adoptions.

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