Friday, January 27, 2012

Veterinary Highlights: First Total Knee Replacement In A Cat

A 20-pound cat named Cyrano has been cancer-free since his treatment two years ago but his bone cancer and radiation treatment had caused the knee to collapse and parts of his leg to deteriorate.

A  group of experts spread from Raleigh to New Jersey and Germany worked together over the last seven months to design the implant and fabricate it with dense plastic and cobalt chromium alloy.

Veterinarians and engineers at N.C. State University have collaborated on innovative medical procedures since 2005.

Cyrano’s knee was fabricated in a laser process that starts with metal powder. It is partly solid and partly porous, exactly replicating the bones. 

The device will replace the joint and about two inches of bone above and below the knee, attached to the cat’s leg bones with very small screws.

Source article: Cyrano, the Cat Receives Total Knee Replacement at NC State University 

Check out Cyrano's post surgery progress


  1. Very exciting. Hope the cat gets lots of rehab.

  2. Its great that knee working after total knee replacement. This is really not recommended solution. SO if you have no option only then go for it.
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    was good just because of extra special care my hospital provided me.