Sunday, January 1, 2012

18 Starving Dogs: Let's Help These Babies!

Where Hope Lives Human Society is attempting to save these dogs. They are not safe unless funds can be raised.


We were contacted by a woman that has 18 dogs running loose, in the roads, getting hit by cars, and now starving. 

She started with one dog (Rusty), who was not fixed. She had a litter of 8 puppies that she never found homes for. Then, she still didn’t get Rusty spayed, and she got pregnant again, having another 6 puppies that she never found homes for. Now, Rusty has had a THIRD litter of puppies (only 3 this time, one with a deformed foot).

The neighbors are starting to SHOOT AND KILL the dogs!! 

We HAVE to step in and take these dogs, however, it’s going to cost $50 a day to board them, not to mention all of them need medication – they have coccidia, giardia and ringworm!! Of the 18, only 3 are males. All will need to be spayed/neutered to stop the chain of new births.

The shelter is already overcrowded, and if these come into the shelter, they will be killed and move up the kill dates of others.

Rusty in the first picture is mom to ALL of these dogs!

Trixie – one of the pups small pups was born with a deformed front paw, no pad - there are three in this litter – the two small ones in the picture and another chocolate, 5-6 weeks old.

These babies you see lying down were all so sick they didn’t even get up from the dark dirty hole they were in. While others began ripping open the food we came to donate. They were so hungry.

Many more were running lose in the main roads, in neighbors yards, it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

We need to get these pups all to boarding so they will be safe from being shot, or hit by a car, or worse.

Here is what we are trying to raise:
  • Boarding/30 Days $ 1500
  • Medication $ 360
  • DHPP’s $ 108
  • Rabies $ 180
  • 18 Spays/Neuters $ 1350

At a MINIMUM, we need to raise $3500 to get these babies from being shot, and hit by cars. 

We need rescue groups to step forward and take some of these animals. If donations are raised, the dogs will come sponsored and fully vetted.

Please help us save all these innocent lives that will be KILLED any day. 

When we went to take pictures last night and bring food, the dogs were ripping open the bags of food they were so hungry. You can see ribs on all of them. L We know we have had lots of tragedy in Chesterfield lately, and know everyone has donated – and we greatly appreciate it!

These babies desperately need our help. 

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