Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blogathon 2011: How To Help Your Dog Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Do you believe that a zombie apocalypse could happen? Do you know that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did publish an article Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse?

Run for the hills,” recommends Dr. V, “Should a zombie apocalypse happen.”

I have to agree. The further from civilization you can get, the better.

Science Buzz claims that A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen.

Should it happen, a zombie apocalypse would clearly be a big problem for humans. What about dogs?

Well, I believe that dogs have way better chance of surviving such an event that we do.

  1. If the epidemic was caused by a virus, there is no reason to presume that it would be a zoonotic. (Most viruses are species-specific; zoonotic means that it can be transmitted between animals and humans. Rabies is a zoonotic disease) The zombies I've seen seem mainly interested in human brains.
  2. Did you ever try catching a dog who doesn't want to be caught? It's quite a trick, even if you don't already have your brain eaten out.
  3. Dogs have enough instinct left to be much better equipped to survive without what human civilization has to offer.

I believe, that in case of zombie apocalypse, the animals would inherit the Earth.

 I believe that the living pose much bigger problem for dogs than the undead ever would.

Sissy is NOT a victim of the undead; she is a victim of the living

So let's worry about their pre-zombie apocalypse well-being!

Let's end their abuse. Let's end their sensless killing. Let's take care of them the way they deserve. And let's not deceive ourselves, even dogs we love and cherish can be hurt by our ignorance or self-indulgence.

Let's set things right one dog at a time.


This post is published as part of the Blogathon 2011. Help me support Eagle's Den Rescue; hope for dogs who have none.

Eagle’s Den Animal Haven and Rescue Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to helping save the lives of animals through a variety of means:
  •     removing animals from high kill shelters
  •     placing animals in permanent homes
  •     finding foster care until the right home can be located
  •     working with animal shelters as well as other rescue
  •     advocating spay/neuter of animals
  •     the prevention of animal cruelty

We are located in Bladen County, North Carolina. We believe that every animal deserves a loving home that will provide for their basic needs and treat them with the respect they so richly deserve.

Eagle's Den Rescue's Emergency Fund for Injured and Abused Animals.

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