Monday, November 7, 2011

Adoption Monday: Happy Feet, Retriever/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix, Kingsburg, CA

A young boy was with his family near a ponding basin when he heard a noise in the water. Not knowing what it was the boy and his family went closer to take a look.

They found (1) small 5 week old black pup in the water drowning. 

The pup was pulled out of the water and kept warm by a family of angels. Also, not far away was the rest of the liter. That (1) small pup had separated from it's liter and fell into the basin.

All other pups have been adopted except Happy Feet

Happy Feet has right side brain damage from lack of oxygen when drowning. She had no feeling in her paws which cause's her to stumble when she try's to walk too fast.

Happy Feet does not require extra care due to her disability. 

All she wants is a loving family that wont mind her dumping her water dish over sometimes.

Happy Feet is spayed and up to date with vaccinations. Here is her Petfinder listing.


Pawsitive Connections' mission is to serve the community through the healing power of animals. They provide a non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary to animals in need, while matching their characteristics to determine how they can best serve our community. 

By determining each animal's special gifts, whether it be visiting nursing homes, providing companionship for those with emotional difficulties, working to assist those with autism, or simply becoming a family's best friend, Pawsitive Connections' strives to enrich the lives of people and animals through Pawsitive Connections.

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