Monday, November 21, 2011

Adoption Monday: Adopt A Senior Dog

Since I still seem to be in the archive video mode, I decided to do something different for Adoption Monday today.

I want to encourage you to adopt a senior dog by sharing some footage of our late rescue Bruin.

When we adopted him he was seven years old, and you can see he was a very big boy. He was up for adoption for a long time and death sentence was hanging over his head.

(Bruin lost his home because his owner moved to a place that doesn't allow dogs--you know the story, happens so often. I think it's such a lame reason.)

Even though we love Rottweilers, we didn't plan on getting one his size. (Yes, that's is a big garbage can lid he's fetching. He was very proud, he found it himself)

Seeing we might be his last chance, he ended up finding a home at Casa Jasmine.

Jasmine, the lady as she is, decided it was ok for him to stay.

Bruin spent with us three and a half years. That was three and a half years he wouldn't have had otherwise. He loved every minute of it and you could see he appreciated everything he got.

Apart from being very obese and out of shape, he was actually quite healthy. Over time he shaped up, lost some weight and was able to join our daily walks. (At the beginning I'd have to take Jasmine out first and hubby and Bruin would catch up with us later, as that was all Bruin could do then)

He enjoyed every minute with us until the day his time came.

Take the plunge, adopt a senior dog. The rewards will be many.

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