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Didn't Even Get A Name, Just Abuse: "Dog" Needs Our Help

by Beth of Charity's Law

The following is an account of an incident that occurred late Friday evening. While we have very strong suspicions about how this girl received her injuries, we are not sure. We do intend to find out to the best of our ability.

She will be going to Dr. LaVine ASAP, as we WILL find a way to make it happen. 

Perhaps Dr. LaVine can give us more insight into where these wounds have come from.

This is the story of a fur-baby named Dog
(We do intend to give her a suitable name.)

Hi Rescue Angels,

If you are really out there and exist. I have heard that there are humans who care about us, but I have never met any, so it was a bit of a shock to me today when I was told that if I told my story, I might be able to get some help. I had a lot of trouble believing that anyone even came to see about me today though, and that happened, so I guess someone had to care a little. In fact, a lot of things happened in my life today that I never thought I would see.

I should tell you right up front, I am not worth much, and I doubt you will find it worth your time to help me. 

I have lived my life with a family that never named me. They say I am two years old, but I couldn’t tell you. I do not remember a time when I was happy or when anyone cared about me.

They called me “The Dog” or just “Dog.” I suppose that is my name. 

They would throw me table scraps at night and some nights were better than others. I have caught a rabbit or two in my day just so I would not starve, though I am not much of a hunter. In fact “The Man” (that is what I call the person who has owned me) told those kind people who came for me that he does not know what got into me. He told them I was never good for much of anything but laying around until he wanted me to have some babies, then I took to chasing small animals and eating them.

I ate one of his chickens and that is when he stopped caring about me at all I suppose. 

At least that is when they started kicking and hitting me. Even the kids that had shown some kindness at one time seemed to take pleasure in my pain after that. And I have known a lot of pain.

I could have told them, if they had learned to listen, that I was trying to eat so my babies could live. 

I am a Pit Mix and The Man bred me with an APBT and wanted to sell my puppies. He told those kind people today that I was not even much of a breeding dog because he had to put me on a “rape rack” so I would let the male “mount” me. I suppose those kind women that came today could tell you all about what that is because I could “feel” them getting really angry about it.

At first the anger scared me, but then I realized they were angry FOR ME and not AT ME. 

I decided then and there that I was going to stand really close to them. One reached down and stroked my head. That felt nice, but it scared me too. I jumped and got behind her then.

Anyway, I was forced to breed as The Man said, and I knew my puppies needed more nutrition than I was able to give them with the scraps I was eating. It might come as a huge shock to The Man to learn that dogs are not overly fond of collards and turnips. And while the chicken bones he boasted about feeding me were good, a little meat on them might have made them more nourishing for my unborn babies. Once again I found myself in awe of the kind women’s reaction to what The Man was saying. While he may not have noticed that they were seething just below the surface, I could smell their anger and one of them told him what chicken bones can do to a dog. I learned that woman’s name was Sheila because the other woman nudged her and I could hear her whisper,

“Be careful, Sheila. We have to get him to surrender the dog. Do not make him angry.” 

My mind began racing when I heard that. I was scared and excited, but it was the best feeling I had ever known because I understood they were trying to take me away from the place where my entire life had been a living hell.

But, while The Man told them of my shame: chasing and killing small prey, and finally one of his “laying hens,” I wondered if these women would continue to be kind to me. 

The Man’s wife had never had much use for me, though she would throw food my way on occasion. She had never spoken to me much, but now, as my shame was being related to these two women, she seemed to have something to say about me. “I tell you he ought to jest have put a bullet in the egg sucker’s head. A dog that’ll kill a chicken ‘ll suck eggs and they ain’t no count.

I told them young’uns to kick that dog in the head if she got near my setting hens.”

Then one of the children spoke up, the smallest of the two boys, “I kicked her right ‘tween the eyes too.” And he smiled with laughter in his voice.

That was when I learned the other woman’s name was Beth. I could feel the rage coming from her as she took a step forward. Though I could “heart hear” her, no sound came from her mouth except heavy breathing. I knew she could not find the words she wanted and I could feel her anger rising to a white hot when the nice lady named Sheila said:

“Beth, why don’t you go and get those papers in the van so we can get out of here. It is getting late.”
The lady named Beth barely gained control, but she did not move yet.

The Man asked them if they were going to be able to take me after all. He said that he had thought they told him they would try to help find me a place, but did not have any room at the time. Beth spoke then: “Oh we will find room. We are going to take her today.”

My heart was dancing then. I had no clue where I would be going. But I knew I was leaving there and I knew I was leaving with people that understood the language of dogs: Heart Speak People. I had heard of such people, but never really believed. Yet here they were in front of me. So I have to finish my story now and hope that the part about rescue angels is true too.

I hope the rest of my story does not make you hate me.

I know some of you may already think I am a bad dog because of my killing food to eat. And I did eat a few of those eggs too, but I can’t say as I ever sucked one. I was just hungry and I hope you understand that.

The Man’s Wife almost seemed disappointed that they were going to be taking me. I wanted her to shut up, but after all that time of having nothing to say to me, now she could not seem to shut up. “That dawg ain’t good fer nuttin’” she said. “Oughta be shot in the head.”

Then she looked Beth square in the face: “You knowed she let those babies she had die? They was dead before they come out of her almost. Never even suckled her.

A dog that has dead babies like that ain’t no good. Sumthin’s wrong with ‘em.”

I think Beth had held it about as long as she could, but she had gained some control when she responded, “Well maybe the babies died because the poor dog was kicked in the side.” She did not smile when she said it, but she managed to get it to come out not sounding like the white hot anger I smelled coming from her.

Then the woman named Sheila decided it was her turn and she did sound a little bit more hostile than Beth. But I noticed something really special about Sheila. While she and Beth talked to each other with the same words, Sheila seemed to be able to almost imitate The Man’s Wife’s bad language. And she did it in such a way that it made me want to smile for the first time in my life because I could hear the hostility as well as the truth beneath the words. “Ya’ll know those babies might jest have died cuz they was borned after a rape? It ain’t good to let a dog be raped that away. Maybe ya’ll need to take some schooling on dogs before you try to get one to have puppies again. Don’t ya’ll know that a dog ain’t ready to get with puppies but a few of them days she is in heat?”

The Man and his wife looked at Sheila with awe as if she may know something after all. I guess when she spoke their language they were better able to understand her. But Beth took a deep breath and just said: “Maybe you should take classes somewhere on how to correctly care for a dog before you try and own another one. You want to tell me what happened to this dog? "

"Where did she get all these wounds from?”

Sheila finished: “And why is she bleeding?”

The Man explained that I had just lost my babies. And I had just lost them. I am still grieving over that loss, but I can tell you there are things worse than death. I can tell you my babies are better off at that place called Rainbow Bridge that all dogs know about than they would have been with The Man or any of his friends.

Beth asked again: “But why does she have a hole there in her thigh and what are all of those cuts and sores under her coat and on her face? 

Also, why does her front right leg look as though it has been broken before and not set right?”

The one little girl My Family had in four children spoke up with her sassy mouth as always: “My momma said ya’ll would ask ‘bout that and she said when you do that it ain’t none of ya’lls bees wax.”

The Man spoke up: “Here, Here. Don’t go sassing grown-ups. You youngun’s go on and let me handle this business here.”

I was relieved. I had felt the white hot anger coming from both Sheila and Beth again and I was afraid if they got too mad, The Man might make me stay there. But instead, he told the two women that he was not sure what had happened to me. He said that one of the animals I had taken to chasing might have gotten a hold of me. He also said that the neighbor’s had a dog and their dog may have “gotten a hold of me.” Beth asked what kind of dog the neighbor’s had and the response was “One of those little mean dogs like that one on the Taco Bell commercial.”

Beth got the papers from the van without asking more questions. 

She was speaking to The Man now as the rest of the family had left as he had told them to. Once she had the papers signed and had me in the back of her van she told him that it was only a suggestion, but it was a very strong one, that he should not think about getting another dog. She and Sheila had a lot more to say as they drove away.

I know Beth and Sheila plan to watch my old family really close. I did not understand all of the things they talked about as we left there, but I do understand that Beth and Sheila think I am worth saving, and I suppose that counts for something. They talked about the fact that I have been something called ABUSED. But there was also a lot of worry in their voices.

You see, when they went to see me today, they did not have anywhere to take me away to. 

They were planning to get pictures of me, but were going to have to leave me there at that bad place until they could find a place for me. They did not know I had this wound on me, and they did not know I would have all these scars.

They also realize that I am not a heavy dog, but I am swollen A LOT, and that worries them. 

They also noticed that I am not eating well for a dog that has never had a lot of food. But I have to admit I really liked that food they gave me tonight. I managed to eat almost half of it, but then I felt really bad. Beth gave me some fluids under my skin and that made me feel better. She also gave me something called antibiotics, and even though it hurt, she treated my wounds and put a brown powder on the deep one. The brown powder made it feel better and stopped the blood from flowing from the spot just beside the bad wound. She said that it was something called “a bleeder” and that the powder would make it stop bleeding for now.

She also said I would not be able to get stitches because of infection.

You see, I know these people are doing all they can for me. And I know they are having problems doing all that they need to, but they have told me I am worth it and they will have to find a way. There are several problems as I understand them. They have something called an emergency fund and there is not a lot in it because so many animals have come in that have been hurt, sick and that have heart worms.

So they do not have all the money they need to care for me. 

But Beth and Sheila both have said they will try and find a way. Beth said she would try and talk to Jerry and see if he has any ideas. I have not met Jerry yet but I understand he is a Heart Speak person too. I heard that he was hurt too. I wonder if someone kicked and beat him like they did me? Cause I heard Beth say that he may have cracked his ribs but he is too stubborn to go to the hospital. She said he would go to the doctor this week and they will know for sure. I hope he is ok. I really want to meet him.

I am so excited to meet people who think I am worth something, even if I did eat that chicken and those eggs.

The next problem they have is that they do not have anywhere to keep me. The place called Eagle’s Den is full and all of the places called “fosters” are full too. I did not understand all of that, except that there are laws in this state that say how many dogs can stay at these places and ... well ... they are full. I also heard Beth say that she had lost three fosters in the last month and is having to work really fast to stay within something called “compliance.”

I know she has some temporary fosters right now. But they can only keep the dogs they have for a week or so.

Sheila and Beth both said the vet may want to keep me when they take me there, or I may be ok to leave, but either way I will have to have a place to go. Right now a really nice man is taking care of me, but he travels a lot and will have to leave again this week.

So I have a place to stay for the next few days, but then I have nowhere to go. I am scared. 

The Man has always told me I am NO GOOD and I know you may think that too. As far as I know, from all I know of this world, it may be true. My babies did die and I did chase those smaller animals and I ate them. I was really hungry and I did not know what else to do. Beth is worried about my front leg and has said I need to stay off of it as much as I can. They have a really soft, padded collar to walk me with and it feels so good to be treated nice. I am getting nice baths that hurt my ouchies, but I know they will make me better. Beth & Sheila come here all the time to check on me and have told me about others that have been hurt.

They told me that my “hurts” are really bad for me and that I never should have been hurt. 

I hope all the stories I have heard about rescue angels are true and that some of you will not think I am a bad dog. I know I was so worthless that my family never gave me a name. I know they had to put me on a rape rack so I would have babies for them. I know I chased and killed smaller animals to eat. I know I ate eggs. I know all of my babies died and I did not know what to do to stop it. It made me really sad when they died and I know I was even more worthless because I got depressed over it. I know I hurt from being hit and kicked, and I know my family thought I deserved that, and even thought I deserved to be shot in the head. And I know how I got these wounds on my body, even though I am not ready to talk about that just yet. I know I need help, and that probably makes me even more worthless in the eyes of people like The Man. I know I hurt a lot and the hurt is in my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit.

I have trouble walking. My tail will not wag.

Still I have a flicker of hope in my heart. These people who are trying so hard to help me believe I am worthy, so that gives me hope. OH I HOPE I CAN BE LOVED AND CAN HAVE A HOME. And I hope my babies that were far too good for this world are with loving angels at Rainbow Bridge. I Hope they know how much I loved them and wanted the best for them. And I hope they never know the pain of rejection that I have known.

Do YOU think I am worthy? Will YOU help me? 

Beth says that everyone can say a prayer for me, or light a candle and send me good and loving thoughts. She says those are some of the BEST gifts to receive. I know those things make me feel good.

But, those are not going to be enough to save me and I know that.

I need help with vetting costs and the cost of a place to stay if I need to be boarded. 

And I know I will have to stay in this area for a little while because it is a state law that a dog has to be something called “quarantined” for a certain amount of time ... and in that time they have to get all the vet care they need.

If you can help, you can send them through Eagle’s Den’s verified Pay Pal Account.

As always, you will be able to make donations directly to the vet once she has a chart started there. If you would prefer to make a donation to the vet, please until she has a chart, make a general donation to Eagle’s Den and we will have it applied to her bill when her chart is ready. We WILL as always keep you updated.


If you would like to donate to help our animals... your donations ARE tax deductable and 100% goes to the care of the animals.

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