Monday, September 26, 2011

Adoption Monday: Rocket, Greyhound, Middleburgh, NY

On Saturday Jasmine went to see her chiropractor. In the reception she met a male Greyhound who is getting physical therapy as part of his knee surgery post-op.

He was a racing dog who was tossed after he busted both of his cruciate ligaments. Yes, that's how they get treated.

Jasmine gets along with all dogs, but she fell in love with this guy. They were both quite taken by each other. It was love at first sight. His new forever parent had a hard time convincing him that it was time to go.

His sad story has a happy ending, he found a good home where he is treated like a member of the family and not like an expendable commodity.

Thousands of Greyhounds are not as lucky and are destroyed each year!

Meet Rocket, 4 years old, beautiful light brindle Greyhound.

He is neutered, had his teeth cleaned and is current on his shots. Heartworm negative.

Rocket will make an excellent family companion and will work well in an apartment or condo type dwelling.

Rocket was tested feline tolerant and is proving himself to be a very sweet boy with a nice mellow disposition.

Find Rocket's profile on Petfinder or visit Forever Home Greyhound Adoption's website.


Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions is a 501 C3 Not For Profit Organization dedicated solely to sheltering Greyhounds in need until a warm loving and responsible home can be found for them. They are especially interested in the plight of the Florida Greyhounds and have dedicated themselves to helping as many of them as possible to reach the safe haven of a loving and supportive family in the Capital District and beyond .

Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions aims to change the world for as many Greyhounds as possible.

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  1. Good boy, Rocket! I hope you find your forever home very soon.