Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shiloh Is Still Looking For A Forever Home

Breed: Hovawart Mix
Date of birth: approx. Feb 2008
Location: Charlotte, NC 

This sweet girl spent most of her life in a rescue and in foster.

She is a true family dog and loves everybody. 

The people of the rescue where she resides say she is one of the most affectionate dogs they ever had. Her favorite past time is to give hugs and kisses. She has no issues with other dogs and is very playful.

So how come she still hasn't found a forever home?

Shiloh was diagnosed with hip dysplasia that was severe enough that it required a surgery on both hips. Post-operative care is a big commitment.

Shiloh is now fully recovered from her surgeries!

She made it through the surgeries and rehabilitation programs without loosing her spirit and sweet disposition. Her special affectionate personality left intact.

She underwent bilateral Femoral Head/Neck Ostectomy (FHO).

Femoral Head/Neck Ostectomy (FHO) is the removal of the femoral head in order to prevent bone rubbing on bone. Fibrous tissue will form a false joint connecting the two bones.

Long term prognosis after successful FHO surgery is excellent. 

The source of discomfort and worsening of degenerative joint disease is no longer a concern. It will be important to keep her on the slim side and her muscles strong.

She is ready to be your faithful companion.

Ready to adopt Shiloh?

Please visit to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at for more information. PetFinder link


About project Halo

Project HALO is a non-profit, NO-KILL rescue organization based in Charlotte, N.C. It is a 100% volunteer, privately funded organization that rescues homeless, stray and unwanted dogs.

Without volunteers and private donations Project HALO would not exist. The organization takes care of all the vet work including shots, sterilization and heartworm treatment, when necessary.

All of Project HALO's animals are vet current and sterilized prior to adoption. All donations are fully tax-deductible. You can mail donations directly to Project HALO:
PO Box 667924
Charlotte, NC 28266

Additionally, you can make donations of any denomination through PayPal.
Feel free to contact with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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  1. She is utterly beautiful. Many prayers for her to find the perfect and loving furever home that she truly deserves.

  2. Thank you, Hannalei, she's waited so long!

  3. Thank you for letting us know about this. There are so many dogs that suffer without anyone knowing what's going on.

    Stopping by on today's blog hop - go see my video today called "The Bad Dog Blues." Love to have your comments!

  4. What's not to love about a beautiful Hovawart! Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

  5. Hi Cherie, thank you for stopping by. Love The Bad Dog Blues. Our main problem is that we want our dogs to be dress-up dolls; they need to be dogs.

  6. If she is recovered from FHO, she should do well. In a large dog, the recovery can take a while, but once done there is no arthritis because there is no joint - just scar tissue. It would only be if the bones started contacting again but this is not likely so far down the track. She sounds like she is well and truly over the worst of it and will make a great pet :)

  7. Dear Dr. Chris, thank you so much for your input.

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  11. Thank you, Dog Health. Hopefully Shiloh will find a forever home soon.