Thursday, April 28, 2011

Helping Penelope Get Hip Dysplasia Treatment

A friend in need is asking for our help. Many of us had been through hard times (I am no stranger to desperation), let's help her.


We brought my Rottweiler puppy, Penelope, home New Years day. We call her our lucky little Penny because she has brought us so much joy and happiness since we lost our 2 year old Rottweiler, Roxy, to hip dysplasia.

It was beyond devastating when we realized that Roxy’s hips were damaged beyond repair when she slipped on wet grass one summer morning last year. 

We believed Roxy brought our little Penny to us to help heal our broken hearts—but instead we are realizing it is meant for us to help heal Penny’s misshaped hips.

When we got Penelope  I was told she had good hips, but I guess luck wasn't on her's or our side. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at only 5 months old (1 month ago). 

We always refer to Penelope and my newborn son as “twins” since they were both born on November 6 of last year. Although it has been very hard raising both, every day I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a great puppy.

She is very calm and loving towards my son, as if she knows he needs the extra gentleness because he is an infant. It is always so cunning when he giggles as Penelope gives him his morning kisses while he is playing in his jumper. Her spirit is strong and she is filled with a lot of life and is charged with energy.

She tries to make the best of her puppy-hood, but some days are harder than others.

As time went on, we realized that Penelope started to seem off, as sometimes she would be walking and randomly let out a horrifying yelp. There would be days she would lay down and would scream; she could not get up without our help, as her back legs would be spread apart as in a split.

After a battery of tests, she was treated for a urinary tract infection, as the veterinarian said that was the source of her pain. Over the course of 3 months she was constantly treated for a urinary tract infection, which we found out was non-existent as Penny’s urine was clean, but the samples were contaminated afterwards.

Our hearts dropped when X-rays showed that she has severe hip dysplasia on one side. 

With Roxy, I wished I knew about her condition earlier so I could have helped her before it was too late. Penny’s condition is very treatable if we act while she is still a puppy.

The time is right for Penelope, but the timing for us is not good because of our very limited income.

Her treatments to strengthen and build the cartilage in her hips are expensive, as it is a twice weekly shot that needs to be given at the veterinarian’s office.

Later on, she will be eligible to receive surgery to reshape her hip to better fit her leg bone so she can be pain free; she will need to be full grown before the surgery is to be completed.

All of this comes at a very expensive price, but I just cannot bear the idea of burying my baby girl in 2 years due to the inability to pay for the surgery in a timely manner. 

I want to help our girl fight off her condition, as I know that is what Roxy would want for our little Penny; she is my world.

We are getting treatment, but there are 16 treatments ($75 dollars each, and another series of treatments with an injection that builds cartilage.

She will also need 2 exams and x-rays at 307.79 each and then the costly hip surgery that will be approximately 3,000 depending on severity (it was the best Estimate they could give me)

Total estimate approximately: $4,500 

She will then be put on joint health supplements and have to be re-evaluated (by X-Ray, which would require sedation once again) when she reaches a year old on my sons birthday (surprisingly they were born the same day!)

I am a stay at home mom with my 6 month old son and my husband work's hard at a factory but it is impossible for us to come up with $4500; but we don't want to lose her!

A friend suggested we create a ChipIn where people can help. I was hesitant, thinking who is going to help a starnger, but where I am. I have to try all I can.

We had a Care Credit card but in became maxed out while caring for our dog with the same health issues who passed.

Penelope hip dysplasia and UTI treatment

Theresa Perry

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  1. You are amazing for helping us all try and help Penelope!