Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eagle's Den Rescue: Hope For The Desperate

This is another story from Eagle's Den Rescue. These people are true angels, offering hope to dogs who have none. You might remember the story of heartworm positive Hunter, we helped raise money for his treatment.

Today I will share a happy update. But so many dogs need help!

Boo Boo... the ash tray puppy.

My name is Boo Boo. I started life out very confused because at a very young age, when I still needed my mother, I ended up at a place called the County Animal Shelter. I was all alone and so tiny in a huge kennel all by myself. I cried all the time and I was so hungry and cold. I could not eat the large kibble in my bowl because all of my teeth were not in.

Then, one day, a kind volunteer saw me there all alone and crying. 

She really did not know what to do except to put me in with a nursing mother and her two pups. And from that day on, I was confused with a Staffordshire Terrier.

The mother and all of us pups were so tiny that no one really noticed I did not belong there. I was better for awhile, but I still hurt all the time.

My stomach hurt because I had worms, and there were these sores on me that people would make comments about.

Then one day something terrible happened.  The mother that I had come to depend on was declared a dangerous dog and they were taking her from me too. The three of us were going to either starve or have to die before we started to live. What did we do? That is all the other two could think, and I was wondering that same thing, even though I was here quite by accident.

Then an amazing thing happened. It was a sad day, because we lost our “mother,” but this lady came and took us away.

She refused to let them kill us too. 

She cried over our mother, and so did we... and she whispered to us that we had to live for her now. I don’t think anyone thought we were going to live. We were a sad sight.

They pulled me out of the food dish, there curled up in the kibble. I was so small I thought they were not going to see me. The other two were a lot bigger than me.

But the lady took us to a place called the vet and I heard her tell him: PLEASE HELP THEM TO LIVE. GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY NEED TO LIVE.

That was a relief. And the vet did. He gave me blood and I felt so much better after. 

The other two began to do better with regular food and an IV and ... all I know is I was not hurting any more.  Then the lady came back for us just like she promised. She was so surprised to see us... looking so well.
That is when the vet told her about me.

I was a little scared when I heard him say that I did not belong with the other two. 

I was worried I would be taken back to that place where I was always cold and alone.

Then I heard them talking about the sores, now scars, on me. 

The vet said they were burns. And they looked a lot like cigar burns. He had been putting some special ointment on them that made me feel so much better.

So, now I was really scared though. Now they knew that I had been used as an ash tray. 

Would they take me back to be alone and cold and to eventually die?

Then the most wonderful thing happened. The lady picked me up and held me very close and whispered to me that I would never be hurt that way again. She kissed my scars and told me my name was Boo Boo. I KNEW THAT! But I was glad she did. And I was glad to feel the kisses on my sore skin. But mostly, I was glad to be rescued.

TLC worked wonders for Boo Boo. But he still needs a home.

He had a place to go twice, that backed out. Finally we decided to help him to heal... he has and needs a soft heart where he can land.


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Thank You and May Creator smile upon you.
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  1. *why* would someone burn a dog with a cigar?!?! I'm so glad the Boo Boo found a place to take him in and give him a better life.

  2. Same reason why they'd starve one nearly to death and then toss him into a garbage ...? Or the same reason why a "mother" would punish her child by making it to beat their dog to death? (read that story some time back)

    I'm sure they had some reason in their psychopathic brains ... :-(

    Boo Boo, Patrick an other dogs are very lucky that there are some good people in the world too.

  3. Oh goodness... the tears are really streaming down. That poor pup. I'm so glad that Boo Boo had a happy ending after that horrible beginning.

  4. All dogs at Eagle's Den Rescue have such stories. At least these are the ones getting a second chance!