Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt The Internet Day

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayOur first Rottweiler, Roxy, was rescued at a gas station, hanging to life literally by a thread. You can read her story here.

She was such a sweet dog that she made us fall in love with the breed.

We adopted Bruin when he was about seven years old. He was looking for a new forever home for over a year, but nobody wanted to take on an old male Rottweiler of his size.

We didn't want a dog of his size either! He was huge!

Feeling we were his last chance though, we decided to take him in after all.

I still remember the first time he walked through our door. He laid down on the kitchen floor, as if trying to blend in with it.

"Maybe if they don't notice me here, I can stay."

I also still remember Jasmine, later that day when we all went to the bedroom, standing on our bed and looking at us. "Hey, can't anybody else see that this dog is still here? What's up with that?"

But as always, Jasmine was a lady about it and allowed him to remain in her house.

He spent three years with us before he passed. From the look on his face it was the best years of his life. And he never once forgot to show his gratitude for having been allowed to stay. He cherished every day because he knew how lucky he was to spend his last years in Casa Jasmine.

Are you thinking about getting a dog? Adopt! The rewards will be many!

Hound/Doberman Pinscher Mix: An adoptable dog in Charleston, AR 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year have come and gone and Sparky has celebrated at the shelter.

He is nearing a year old and is about 45 pounds. He is still happy and playful. 

Sparky is a good looking pup we think is 6-7 months old. He was abandoned at our shelter with Bella, the labradoodle, and a note with only their names written on it. So we are guessing at Sparky's breed and age, but not his sweet personality.

He is getting along with our other dogs, but is a bit intimidated by the numbers and can't wait to get out and be walked on leash and loved on by the volunteers. 

Sparky will be a great companion for an individual or family---he sure would like to be home for Thanksgiving!

Please save lives by adopting from shelters and rescues and by spaying and neutering your own pets!

Rottweiler/Airedale Terrier Mix: An adoptable dog in Coalhurst, AB

Piper is a three year old Rottweiler/Terrier cross.

She is an incredible dog who deserves an incredible home. 

Piper is a great dog that would make not only a great family pet, but an amazing athlete as well.

She is very well behaved at home - calm, obedient, and respectful. 

Outside she can run for miles. She LOVES to run the coulees, and is a great jogging partner. She also does well running alongside the bike.

Piper has a great temperament and is kind, gentle and loving towards people. 

She loves everyone she meets. She is very snuggly (often tries to sit in your lap) and loves to cuddle in the morning.

She is great with kids, and seems to really enjoy their attention. 

She has had a lot of obedience training and is well mannered. She can sit, down, stay, come, shake a paw, go to her bed, and more.

She is not without her issues though - Piper has issues with other dogs. 

This will need to be managed for the the rest of her life. She is reactive to them on leash, and is not predictable with them off leash.

The issue seems to be mostly her thinking that she needs to protect her owner. 

As long as her owner is not around she is fine - she even goes to doggy daycare! But on a walk it is a different story. She is used to walking on a halti and does really well, but she certainly needs work in this department.

Piper would do best as an only dog, but is great with cats. 

She would like to have her own family to love- kids included. She would also make an ideal companion for someone who likes to camp, hike, jog, or for someone wanting to do agility with their dog. She is certainly athletic enough! Really all she wants is someone to love her unconditionally. She is certainly deserving of it.

Find your new best friend on Petfinder today!


  1. I loved Roxy's story! It was obviously a relationship that was meant to be :)I didn't know that you have had other Rotties before JD and Jasmine.

  2. What a thoughtful post, Jana! I really enjoyed reading about each pet and their characteristics. You gave details that most people wouldn't think about--great job. And I appreciate all you do for the animals. Give Jasmine a pat for me, please!

  3. That's a great post and so nice to read about Roxy, Bruin and Jasmine!

  4. Karen, some story, wasn't it? And the reason we've been married for 15 years LOL

  5. Thank you, Hilary, Jasmine got a hug on your behalf :-)

  6. Best wishes to Piper! I hope she finds her forever home very soon!

    Really enjoyed reading about the Rottweilers that have been part of your life. When I was 8, I wanted a Cocker Spaniel for my birthday. My dad brought home a Rottweiler! This was when people either hadn't heard of the breed or had heard they were vicious. Since then, I've always been grateful for my dad's selfish streak because while he got me the present he wanted, I ended up with an amazing dog and an appreciation for Rottweilers!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  7. Hi Chandra. I'm so glad that your present worked out so great for you. Most Rottweilers are awesome dogs, and those who're not are normally those who were damaged by their owners.

  8. I loved reading the stories of your pups... Bella was a rescue too, and it just warms my heart to read your stories.

  9. Thank you :-) You're welcome to share your story too.