Saturday, January 22, 2011

Savannah: Heartworm Positive Momma Rottie

Savannah, a Rottie, was wandering, on her own, while pregnant.

She wound up giving birth to her puppies in a couple's yard. 

The couple moved Savannah and her puppies into their garage to keep them safe but when the puppies started moving around they feared they would run one of them over.

They were going to take the  family to the local animal shelter but we know what would have happened there.

Thankfully, someone mentioned a boarding facility that might be able to help the Savannah and her family find a rescue.

A rescue was found by the boarding facility but due to unforeseen circumstances a new rescue needed to be found for Savannah and her puppies asap. A friend of Castaway Critters Pet Rescue  asked if  CCPR would be able to help Savannah and her wee puppies find a new rescue.

A wonderful rescue in NY invited the family to their rescue. Castaway Critters Pet Rescue had extra spots on their puppy van so they offered the family, and two other dogs, a ride to NY.

When they arrived it was learned on top of everything else Savannah has endured she is also heartworm positive. 

The rescue is very kind and will get Savannah treated but they just pulled 3 other dogs who are also heartworm positive so funds are very tight.  The vet estimates Savannh's treatment will be between $450-$550 because of her size and weight.

Castaway Critters Pet Rescue feels a responsibility towards Savannah so we are helping to raise funds so she can receive her heart worm treatments.

When the treatments are completed Savannah will be able to find her forever family.

Thank-you very much for helping Savannah raise her funds so she can start her heart worm treatments. All donations are extremely appreciated and tax deductible.

Castaway Critters Pet Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue group based in Blairsville, Georgia.

Operating as a 501(C)3 organization and licensed by the state of Georgia Department of Agriculture, we serve Clay County in North Carolina, Towns and Union Counties in Georgia, and wherever the need arises.

We receive no public funding and operate solely on donations, adoption fees, and fundraising events. Because of this, Castaway Critters would not be possible without you.

Our mission is to save and nurture homeless dogs and cats to match companion animals with loving, life-long homes, to foster responsible pet care, to control overpopulation in our community thru spay/neuter programs, and to assist other shelters and rescue groups in any endeavor to benefit the animals. 

We believe that the same kindness, compassion, and generosity we extend to our two-legged neighbors should be given to our four-legged friends (who are not able to speak for themselves).


  1. I wish Miss Savannah the best. I'm glad she is in good hands now. Poor girl.

  2. Thank you, Lidsay,

    yes, shes in good hands now.


  3. I am so glad Savannah found the right people who knew how and want to help her. Thanks to all of you, her life will end much better than it began.

  4. It's often easy to focus on how much is wrong in the world -- but there's a great deal that's right too. Example; these wonderful people who have taken care of the situation without asking for much except help to cover expenses.

    Thank you Cast Away Pet Critters Rescue for all you do.