Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Product Review: Cool K-9 Cooling Vest

Hot weather is here! How do you make sure that your dog has all the fun he wants safely and without the risk of overheating?

Our guys, like most dogs, love the outdoors but are ill equipped for high temperatures. Hyperthermia, or heatstroke, is the main health risk our dogs face on hot days. Even if you avoid the extreme, heat can spoil the fun of summer outdoor activities.

Taking your dog swimming is a great solution but unless you have a pond or a pool in your yard, you can't always do that. Wetting your dog helps, but keeping him constantly wet isn't the best thing. So what do you do?

Our Canine Cooler thermoregulating pet bed works wonderfully and we have one at home and one for when we go camping. But I wanted my dogs to have the same cooling benefit during our walks as well. I was looking for a way to keep my dogs cool and dry at the same time. That's when I discovered Cool K-9 cooling vest.

The vest works by evaporation, while the dog remains dry. Even the vest itself feels dry to the touch. The vest absorbs water quickly, but releases it slowly. Once charged, it will last up to several days. How cool is that? Quite cool actually! (pun intended)

Easy to use, Cool K-9 cooling vest has become part of our summer arsenal. The difference in Jasmine's comfort level on a hot day seems remarkable.

It worked even when my husband put it on inside out! If you are anything like him, you might want to keep the instructions on hand!

If your dog is struggling with the summer heat, check it out!


COOL K-9 Evaporative Cooling Safety Vest for Dogs

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  1. While I'm really good about keep Pru cool, I always feel bad about limiting our walks when it's hot out. I'll definitely be looking into the cooling vest!

  2. OOoh. Getting one of these vests sounds like a good idea. So does the cooling bed. =]
    Our friend has a funny mat that she takes with her to agility trials, and she wets it down to keep her dog cool...but this would eliminate the need to do that. (Maybe I could get a bunch for the daycare crew! haha.)

  3. My all black Newfoundland loves his Cool K-9 cooling vest. With his long thick coat I wasn't sure if it would work for him but I took the chance and it works GREAT. Now we don't have to hold out on our walks. When it's hot out and he sees me pull out his vest he gets excited because he loves our walks.

    Normally he hates anything over 75 degrees and he'll just lay in front of the AC unit all unhappy. Now after a walk in 90 degree weather is no big deal and when we get home he is nice and cool even after 3 miles in the heat. If you love your dog you owe it to them and yourself to get a Cool K-9 vest, they work.

  4. Yeah, our guys are not keen on a hot weather either. That's why I decided to give the K-9 cooling vest a try.

    I am glad your dog is liking it so much. Jasmine is the same way - whatever gets her out on the walk is her friend! :-) She's been enjoying her vest the whole summer this year.

  5. Thanks for this article, i never thought that i take one of this for my dog, but this year i decide to do it's. I want to take Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest, it is good? Maybe someone try to use it's?