Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dog Medical Emergencies Survey: Is Limping an Emergency?

Only 28.13% of the survey participants feel that limping is an emergency.

Limping is usually not an emergency unless ...

A limping dog should get veterinary help immediately if there was a major trauma, fracture or dislocation, bleeding, severe swelling, hot limbs or dragging of limbs, Limping is an emergency when accompanied by severe pain.

Limping always indicates pain or dysfunction of some kind.

Whether or not it is an emergency is a matter of degree.

For example, if your dog got hit by a car, fell from a great height, it is always an emergency. If your dog has been running and playing and suddenly starts screaming in pain and not putting any weight on a limb, it is an emergency.

If you broke your leg, would you wait and see or would seek emergency care?

If your leg hurt enough to make you scream, would you wait and see or rush to the ER? The same logic applies when it comes to your dog.

Acute limping is more likely to be an emergency.

Keep in mind, though, that limping and limb pain that is getting worse instead of better could mean bone cancer. While not a true emergency per se, you want to have that diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Have I ever taken my dog to a vet for limping immediately?

Yes, I have. I have never had a case where we'd have to rush to an ER; our dogs have never had such a major trauma, for which I am thankful.

But there were a couple of occasions when we saw a vet with a limp the same day it happened or the next.

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