Thursday, July 21, 2016

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog: Head Pressing

This is one of the things that might come across as funny, quirky or weird. Or maybe it can make you think your dog is pouting. What would you think of it if your dog started doing that?

Photo Baxter Boo

It is actually a sign of an emergency.

It's a sign of damage to the nervous system. Yep, that serious.

What kind of damage? The kind which needs immediate veterinary attention. It could be caused by a tumor, metabolic disorder, infection of the nervous system, toxicity or head trauma ... Toxicity can be from exposure to a poison, such as lead, or toxic accumulation of toxins in the body from a liver damage or liver shunt.


If your dog starts doing this, be on your way to a vet.

You can observe other symptoms along with head pressing, such as pacing, circling, seizures, vision problems, poor reflexes ...

If you found this article because your dog is doing this, drop everything and go.

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