Friday, November 15, 2013

Veterinary Highlights: Dogs Needed For A Study Of The Role Of Pain In Chronic Mobility Issues

Evaluating pain in dogs is a tricky business, particularly when dealing with chronic pain.

Researchers in the Comparative Pain Research Laboratory at NC State University’s Veterinary Health Complex are seeking participants for a clinical trial that seeks to measure pain levels in dogs.

The study is to determine whether sensations are processed abnormally in dogs with chronic pain.

Understanding this should allow to measure pain levels as well as help determine best therapies.

The team will use techniques similar to those used in human medicine. They're hoping to learn whether sensory processing is different in dogs with chronic pain, such as from arthritis.

So far, a standard, validated method of evaluating pain levels was lacking in veterinary medicine.

Understanding mechanism involved in pain could lead to earlier and better diagnosis and possible different treatment options for dogs suffering from mobility issues.

For more information or to find out whether your dog is a candidate for the study, contact Dr. Knazovicky at 919-513-6019 or

Source article:
NC State University Comparative Pain Research Lab Studies Role of Pain in Chronic Mobility Issues

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