Monday, October 28, 2013

Adoption Monday: Elsie, Rottweiler: Manhattan Beach, CA

You can't judge a book by its cover! 

This poor boy, a beautiful 9 month to one year old brindle Bullmastiff pup looks like a junk yard dog but he is far from it. His name is MAJOR because he's been through his own personal war these last few months.

Despite his rough start, his loving spirit, determination, hope, confidence and loyalty have not wavered. 

Major was left behind by his owners after they lost their home. The local police found him and took care of him for a month trying to fatten him up, as he was very underweight. When they couldn't find him a home he was shelter-bound, until a man agreed to take him, but kept him at his auto shop, where he was chained up during the day and left to roam the property at night. The neighborhood is known for cock fighting and dog fighting and his new owner knew he could get stolen and used for dog fighting and pleaded with a friend of Noah's Bark to take him in.

Due to months of poor nutrition which weakened his immune systems, Major developed Demodex mange (non contagious) & and cherry eye in both eyes.

His scabby skin, hair loss and red eyes will heal with time and surgery (his medical treatments and surgery are covered by his adoption fee).

Major loves kids, all people and dogs. He is smart and learning basic commands quickly, and is doing well with house training. 

He isn'€™t a chewer but loves antlers and nylabone and hunting for toys. He is crate trained and currently lives with a female Bullmastiff and they get along great. He weighs 80 lbs now but will be over 100 lbs when full grown.Adoptions are restricted to residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. See our adoption policies for more details on our adoption process.


Noah's Bark is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit pet rescue organization based in the Los Angeles South Bay area. They are an all breed rescue. Some dogs come to in as strays, but the majorities come from LA area shelters, all of which are ALL HIGH KILL shelters.  

Noah's Bark often rescues the most broken and pitiful dogs from these shelters, the ones that would have little to no chance of being adopted by the public. Noah's Bark gives these dogs a second chance at a new and loving life.

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