Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Most Overweight Pets of 2012

The pets depicted below are clearly obese. Surely you wouldn't let that happen to your dog. But how does this happen? How does it get this far?

One pound at a time.

It happens slowly, and that's one of the reasons why it is easy to not notice where your dog is headed.

(Click image to enlarge)Most Overweight Pets
[ SOURCE: Carrington's Veterinary Assisting Program

Let's not let this happen to our dogs. 

Let's keep the picture of what a healthy dog is supposed to look like. Not only that obese dogs are not cute, obesity will ruin their health and their happiness.

Join my Show Off Your Dog's Waistline Campaign. Let's remember what healthy dogs look like.


  1. Jana, Thanks for posting this. As you know, we are strong advocates in the fight against pet obesity and these pets are being slowly killed by their owners. If I had my way, they'd be taken away and put in healthier environments, but since I can't do that...we've started a great initiative called - I hope you check it out and join. Your Show your Waistline campaign would make a GREAT Group in our community!

  2. OMg, some of those poor animals are way obese!

    1. Yes, some of them are massive. Makes you think at which point they still didn't realize there was a problem?