Monday, May 6, 2013

Adoption Monday: Rosie, Rottweiler: Bowmanville, ON

Rosie is the true meaning of her breed – loving and loyal, she would make an excellent companion for an active household.  

This 2 year old beauty currently resides with cats, large & small dogs, and children.

While she is fine with kids, we recommend older children; she is strong, young, and may knock down those smaller than her.

Rosie’s foster family is still learning about her but have discovered that again, true to the breed, she is proficient in “rottie rumble”…she is a talker!  

But don’t let those mumbles frighten you – she’s just vocal and loves to tell you what she wants.

With the other dogs in the household, Rosie is relatively submissive and loves to play. She shows no interest whatsoever in the cats.

Rosie is actually quite shy and likes to be the first one to approach people; she will shy away if you go to her…but just until she gets to know you, then she’s your best friend!

Rosie is still learning manners and how to walk on lead – she is quite smart and will get it in no time flat.  Rosie would benefit from training classes and plenty of family interaction.

Are you interested in meeting Rosie? Please  send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Sometimes there is just one dog that changes a person’s life. In Morgan’s case it was Tres; a beautiful, black standard poodle that was her heart and soul. Tres led Morgan into the SuperDogs, which led her into SuperDog Central. Really, Morgan is all she is today because of this one dog.

In honour of Tres’ memory, Morgan, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, provides shelter and love to standard poodles or any breed of dog in need.

Because every dog deserves a chance. And every dog deserves a great home.

Below are dogs currently looking for their forever home.