Friday, March 15, 2013

Veterinary Highlights: Dog First Aid Buddy iPhone App

The Happy Pet Vet has developed a great little iPhone app, Dog First Aid Buddy.

Handy little reference when your dog gets sick or injured.

The app was developed by Dr. Tawnia Shaw and it's available for free.

Time and time again a dog owner would call and describe a situation that would have been simple to solve... if only they had called sooner, but now it was an emergency with limited options and needless expenses.

Dog First Aid Buddy was built so that you will know what is a serious emergency and when you don't need to worry. Read on below to learn how we can help you and your dog!

The application includes all of the most common dog emergencies.

Compiled from the problems dog owners face in real life, you will have to answer to what to do at your fingertips.

Knowing what to do for a certain emergency is only part of the problem, first you need to know how to look at the situation, how to keep yourself (and your dog) safe, and how to figure out what’s really wrong.

That way you can safely and confidently take care of the problem yourself or know just what to say when you call your veterinarian.

Check out this cool tool to assist you when your dog is facing an emergency.

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