Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Does Your Dog Drive?

Well, OK, Jasmine and JD don't have a drivers' license. They do, however, influence what they get to ride in.

We always choose a vehicle with them in mind.

Who am I kidding, we always choose everything with them in mind. Where we live, what we do ... Regular readers know how much our guys are cherished and spoiled. They get the best of everything we can afford.

Jasmine is my heart dog, the dog of my life.

What Jasmine and JD want from a vehicle is enough room to be comfortable on long rides, and an easy way of getting in and out. Well, particularly out. A smooth ride is a bonus.

What we want from a vehicle are the same things Jasmine and JD want, PLUS safety.

"Mom, can our next vehicle be a Subaru?" they ask.
"Did you ask daddy?" I respond.
"Come on, mom, you know you're the boss in this house!"
" Well, how much did you guys save up on your allowance?"

"Financing, I see, so that's a no on the allowance savings?"

"But mom, dogs have been driving Subaru vehicles for years!"

"Haven't you heard of the Grant Weber guy? He sells Subaru to dogs!"

"Did you see the Subaru Dog Matchmaker they have on their Facebook?"

"See? You can find the exact model for us! It says Jasmine would look great in a Subaru Forester. I think we need something bigger though, 'cause there's two of us."

"Did I mention that our vets each drive a Subaru?"

"We think you should get on with the program, mom. It's Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™"


Official disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Dawg Business only shares news for things we support.

Personal disclaimer: Before agreeing to taking part in this campaign, I actually asked my hubby, "What do you think about Subaru?" He said they make good, safe vehicles, which seem designed to comfortably and safely accommodate canine passengers.

I also found out that our vets each drive one. So that is good enough for me, because I won't pretend to know anything about cars myself.


  1. So cute! Right before I got my Jeep, I almost bout a Subaru Outback however was worried about the ground clearance and AWD. Sometimes we get deep snow here and I have all back roads to my job so a Wrangler won. However, I might rethink it next time Titan gets a new vehicle. :)

    1. I hear you about the clearance. They seem to have a bunch of models ... ok, I don't know much about vehicles at all :-)

  2. I'm getting close to being in the market for a new car. I'm really considering a Subaru.

    1. Gotta love them for the focus on dogs. And our vets really do drive Subaru (I admit I didn't know that until I asked)