Thursday, February 21, 2013

Does Your Dog Have A Driver's License? Subaru #DogTested Fun Apps And Giveaway

One of the phrases that always gets a head tilt in our house is, "Do you want to go for a ride?" Going for a ride always means fun or an adventure. (And yes, Jasmine even loves rides to the vet's office)

Long rides are the best, because they mean super fun things, such as camping.

What do you think? How would I look in this one?

Sometimes I wonder, if Jasmine had her own driver's license, where would she go? Would she drive to our usual places that she loves, or would she prefer exploring the unknown?

The first few times we were taking her camping, I could see her impatience. "Look, look, this would be a great place to stop! Can't you see it? Come on, please! Ah, you missed it."

"OK, never mind, this place would be awesome too! Look! ... Ok, I don't understand why we keep driving by all these awesome locations where we could have had all kinds of fun."

Over time Jasmine learned that the bipeds are stubborn, and with exception of potty breaks, they won't stop until they reach what they decided was a destination.

How do I look on my spanking new driver's license?

She learned to be patient but I bet, if she had a choice, she'd stop at all the exciting places along the way too.

"Just wait," she says, "Grant Weber shows how easy it is for a dog to buy a Subaru. I am going to get me a Subaru, my own license, and you'll have to go where I will take you. I can even get a Subaru that is personally matched for me!"

Hunting dogs. Lapdogs. Water dogs. They all agree: Once you sit in a Subaru, you'll stay.

I think we might be in trouble. If buying a Subaru is so easy for dogs, how will we ever get to places WE need to go to? The chances of getting to work, dentist or to run errands are pretty slim, unless all those things can be done somewhere in the middle of the woods. Wait, that would be actually pretty cool.

Luckily, Jasmine cannot just run out and buy a Subaru, where would she get the money?

"No money? No problem. There is always financing," she says.

"What I'd want from my Subaru? Good mileage, because I want to travel everywhere. Climate control. Those windows that open and close with a push of a button. Maybe a four-wheel drive, so I can chase the squirrels and maybe actually catch one. Good color to bring up my eyes. Lots of room to stretch out when I feel like it. Maybe I'll think of more stuff along the way.

So listen up! If you're a dog and want to control your own destin(y/ation) and get your own Subaru, talk to the Grant Weber guy. He'll set you up."

Meanwhile, visit their Facebook to try out a new Dog Tested, Dog Approved Subaru

Discover which model would be best for you. You can even see what would you look like in your model. If you have any questions, just ask an expert! Oh, and of course, don't forget to get your driver's license! (Please don't use your parents' real address when creating your drivers license!)

And don't forget to enter below to win a $350 or $150 Visa Gift Card!  

You'll need to "like" Subaru's Facebook page to enter, plus you can do the other four entries every single day!

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Official disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Dawg Business only shares news for things we support.

Personal disclaimer: Before agreeing to taking part in this campaign, I actually asked my hubby, "What do you think about Subaru?" He said they make good, safe vehicles, which seem designed to comfortably and safely accommodate canine passengers.

I also found out that our vets each drive one. So that is good enough for me, because I won't pretend to know anything about cars myself.


  1. haha Love the story line there! Jasmine looks fabulous in that ride!

    1. I'm sure that's how it would play out :-) Lots of rides, none of them in the city LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Just looks like so much fun, right? Flying through the mud! :-)