Monday, February 11, 2013

Adoption Monday: Nutty Buddy, Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Mix: Delhi, NY

Joining the shelter when his owner moved, Nutty Buddy is a friendly, playful and outgoing pup.  

About a year old, this labrador/rotty mix is a small version of the breeds and just wants to have fun.

This sweetheart would love to have an active owner/family to play outdoors with and would benefit from the bonding experience of basic obedience training.

Are you the furever home that Nutty Buddy deserves? 

Email Heart of the Catskills Humane Society or visit their website for more information.


Heart of the Catskills Humane Society is a small, rural animal shelter with a big heart caring for the homeless pets from 95% of Delaware County in New York State.

Heart of the Catskills Humane Society lovingly cares for each one, hoping someone will give them the home they deserve. Their special program, Project Dog, gives dogs a chance to have their own special time with a shelter worker here and at their home while they are waiting for adoption. This project was written up in the ASPCA magazine and is a great success. 

Heart of the Catskills Humane Society also has a wonderful humane education program for schools and a new fostering program. 

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