Thursday, January 31, 2013

Puppy Bowl Fun With Subaru

What happens when you combine a football field, adoptable shelter puppies and toys? The Puppy Bowl

I am not a sports fan but who could resist the cutest sports event ever?

Puppy bowl, the annual two hour overload of cuteness, is coming up live again this Sunday, February 3rd, on Animal Planet. Check out the adorable lineup.

The Puppy Bowl has it all. 

Shelter puppies ready for adoption, the Most Valuable Pup award, a water bowl cam, slow motion cameras, hedgehog referees ... and for some real close-up action, a new lipstick cam mounted on the lips of the dog toys!

This year, the Puppy Bowl experience gets even better with Subaru's new Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing App!

Every year, Subaru of America celebrates the bond between owners and their dogs with the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign. This year, the Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing App will pull in Subaru’s Dog tested. Dog approved.™ content based on the spots airing on TV, bringing the “co-viewing” element to life.

As you watch the Puppy Bowl live on TV, the application will offer additional cool content to interact and engage with!

The application is available for both tablet and mobile devices and will work live during the live event as well as re-air.You can also join in on more fun on Twitter, using hashtags #SubaruBP and #PuppyBowl to interact with other viewers.

So don't hesitate, go and download the Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing App now!

This year Subaru is proud to introduce Grant Weber, Subaru Canine Sales Associate. Having sold Subaru vehicles to only dogs, there’s simply no better friend to man’s best friend. No matter size, breed, or temperament, he’ll find the right Subaru for your needs. So if you’re a dog, and you’re looking for a Subaru, head on down to see Grant Weber. You’ll leave with your tail held high.


Official disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Dawg Business only shares news for things we support.

Personal disclaimer: Before agreeing to taking part in this campaign, I actually asked my hubby, "What do you think about Subaru?" He said they make good, safe vehicles, which seem designed to comfortably and safely accommodate canine passengers.

I also found out that our vets each drive one. So that is good enough for me, because I won't pretend to know anything about cars myself.


  1. Though not a football fan, I LOVE the Puppy Bowl and this app does sound like fun!

  2. I'm so ON it! It's going to be a SuBarOoOo-tiful thing!

  3. We are so excited for the Puppy Bowl!!!!

  4. We are ready to watch! Bring on the puppies! :)

  5. Can the App make my people sit, stay and roll over?

    I can't wait to download it. See ya at the bowl game!

    1. BOL Well, I'm sure it'll get them sit and stay. Dunno about the roll over BOL

  6. I'm looking so forward to using this app! I've already downloaded it and am now just waiting 'til 3p!