Monday, December 3, 2012

Adoption Monday: Angel, Rottweiler, London, Ontario

Angel is a 5 year old unspayed female Rottweiller.

Angel is a calm, quiet, independent, obedient, and respectful dog.

She knows all basic commands. She is crate-trained, but also loves to spend time in it, with the door open, to relax when she chooses.

Angel would love nothing more than to be petted, hugged, and kissed all day long (on the couch,of course!!).

She craves human contact, and although she gets along very well with the other large foster dog, and the two large resident dogs ,she doesn't seem the need to have the company of other dogs. However,she is EXTREMELY prey driven, and absolutely should not go to a home with cats, birds, or other small pets.

Angel seems to have no food-guarding issues, and her Fosters (humans and canine) are able to take away toys, and rawhide with no argument.

Although a large dog, Angel is fairly low-key, and low-energy, so a half hour walk daily is all she needs. 

However, her energy comes out with tennis balls! She loves to play fetch, over and over. Angel will make an amazing companion to a quiet, adult home that has the time to lavish the affection on her she deserves.

Angel will be spayed soon,and is up to date on all her shots, has been heartworm tested negative, and has had one dose of Revolution and dewormer.


All Breed Canine Rescue [ABCR], a small group of volunteers who saw the great need to rescue dogs that other, better-established mainstream groups, will not help. Some of their rescues are shelter dogs, or dogs that need new homes because their owners are sick, have moved, or their life situation has changed. 

All Breed Canine Rescue is  small new group of volunteers, trying to do a big job, with big hearts, few foster homes, and limited resources.

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  1. She looks a bit like she's smiling in the first picture!