Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rover and VetLive Partnership

by Laruen Colman already offers a valuable service to pet owners looking for sitters. The site, which matches pets with willing sitters in the area, has grown tremendously since it first opened. has now partnered with VetLIVE to provide another valuable service to dog owners and sitters alike.

VetLIVE is a website that allows visitors to get 24-hour assistance from a team of veterinarians. Users can upload photos or videos of their pets and chat with vets about symptoms and complaints. They can also upload a pet's recent medical history to obtain a second opinion on a diagnosis. This allows pet owners to get help for their pets even when regular veterinary offices are closed, and it can be an especially valuable resource for pet sitters who must determine whether or not to take client's pet to the veterinarian.

Rover members who opt to use the service can receive multiple benefits:
  • 24-hour veterinary support for emergencies and other questions
  • Nutritional advice from licensed veterinarians
  • Email and text notifications whenever an answer has been posted

These features will allow pet owners and sitters to benefit from the services of VetLIVE regardless of where they are or what time it is.

According to Dr. Laci Schaible, the co-founder of VetLIVE, “VetLIVE is currently the only 24/7 immediate response veterinary advice website that connects concerned pet parents with licensed veterinarians, allowing pet parents to address questions about their pet’s health and well-being. It’s basically like having access to a team of vets at all times, which allows members and all users the ability and confidence to make informed and educated decisions regarding their dog’s health.”

Why the Partnership is so Valuable

Although VetLIVE does not and should not replace real veterinary care, it does provide pet lovers with the tools to make smart decisions regarding a pet's well-being. For example, a pet sitter may have been left by the owner with a small amount of cash to cover emergencies. If a pet becomes ill overnight, a visit to the emergency vet can be extremely expensive. Consulting with VetLIVE to determine whether the situation is a true emergency or something that can be dealt with in the morning can save money while protecting the health of the pet.

The VetLIVE partnership also enables owners to have greater confidence in the sitters they leave their pets with. Knowing that a sitter will have licensed veterinarians available to answer questions and help with emergencies should make pet owners more comfortable leaving their furry friends in the hands of strangers.

Real Questions Asked at VetLIVE

Here are just a few of the questions that Rover members and other pet owners have recently asked VetLIVE:
  • My dog ate some chocolate; what do I do?
  • How do I recognize heat stroke in the dog I'm sitting?
  • I found a lump on my pet. What is it? Should I be worried?
  • My dog isn't walking normally. What could be wrong?
From fielding questions like this to walking a pet owner through post-op care for a neutered pet, VetLIVE provides real, valuable answers to pet owners and sitters alike.


Laruen Colman serves as the digital marketer for the dog boarding and dog sitting community at and is a true dog lover at heart. Lauren spends her days at the office with her dogs Squish and Brando by her side. For more dog tips, you can follow on Twitter @roverdotcom or on their blog, Dog Boarding News

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