Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dog Cartoon Of The Week: You Should Hear How Loud I Can Bark!


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Cartoonist Mark Anderson lives in the Chicago area with his wife, their children, two cats, a dog and several dust bunnies. You might have seen his cartoons in a number of publications including Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Barrons, Woman's World, Harvard Business Review, Saturday Evening Post, American Legion Magazine, Funny Times.


  1. Replies
    1. I even saw a photo with two dogs wearing one of these, string between them, caption, "Can you hear me now?"

  2. That's great! Our Brooks had to wear one of those recently, and it made a great chute for his tennis balls when he dropped them out of his mouth!

    1. LOL At least he got to appreciate something about it! Jasmine never ended up wearing one of these (at least not at home), not even after her surgeries ... I work at home and I chose to keep an eagle eye on her instead.

      JD had to wear one for a day after his neuter; it was a total disaster and he was so miserable ... When he got a ringworm and treatment would require cone of shame (it was just shortly after Jasmine's knee surgery), I told the vet it was not gonna happen as with that on he was a grave danger to her. So the vet, God bless his soul, came up with a different treatment that took longer but didn't require the collar on.

  3. Bwa ha ha! I once saw an adoption video for special needs dogs where one dog called his cone his "speaker." And then he did a little adoption rap.

    Don't know if referring to cones as "speakers" will make dogs like them any more. But it can't hurt their self esteem. :)