Friday, March 30, 2012

Veterinary Highlights: Acupuncture At A Vet School

This one is quite exciting to me.

The LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, part of the veterinary school, has broadened its services to include acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal treatments for animals — the large ones for now and dogs and cats soon.

Oscar, The Condo Dog getting electro-stimulated acupuncture.
Image: Oscar The Condo Dog

The combination of traditional and conventional medicine is referred to as integrative medicine.

I know a number of integrative veterinarians and they are awesome people. This concept includes tools from different sources for the best outcome.

The more tools you have available, the better you can chose the one best for the job at hand.

Jasmine's medical care includes tools from different modalities also. I believe that conventional medicine is best for some things, traditional/alternative medicine for other things. Why limit our options but choosing between the two? Why not take the best from both?

“We use acupuncture in cases where horses have gastrointestinal or neurological disease, chronic pain or non-healing wounds,” say Dr. McConnico, associate professor of veterinary medicine.

Hopefully such options will become more and more available.

Source article: Vet school adds acupuncture, herbs, more

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