Monday, January 9, 2012

Adoption Monday: Marco, Labrador Retriever/Carolina Dog Mix, Deerfield, NH

Check out this beautiful boy at Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption!

Marco..... Polo.....! Ahh! You found him ! Tag! He is it!...Not likely he will cover his eyes, but he sure is willing to play and hes not picky with who either; kids, dogs, cats, he loves them all.

Marco has it all: smarts, good looks, and medium energy, but still willing to rest up the by the fire too. 

Marco is a 1 year old brown dog/Lab/Carolina Dog mix and hes up for more than just fun and games. 

He packs big dog fun in the perfect 55 lb medium small dog package, so you will still have room in the back, and he will sure look good hanging that funny tongue and handsome head out the window. Pack some tennis balls and a Frisbee for him !

Marco is neutered, house trained and up-to-date with her shots.

Want more information about Marco? Give Mary's Dogs a call at 603.370.7750 or send an email:

Ready to bring Marco home? Fill out an adoption questionnaire. Check out all the wonderful dogs on Mary's Dogs Facebook Fan Page.

Mary’s Dogs rescues and re-homes dogs and puppies from Aiken County Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter in South Carolina, USA. They also serve as a resource to communities in Southern New Hampshire and pet owners nationwide by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behavior training, and good nutrition.


  1. I say that your blog is awesome! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much, means a lot coming from you! Have an awesome year too; you and your patients!