Friday, December 9, 2011

Veterinary Highlights: Dental Braces (Orthodontics) For Dogs

Did you have to wear dental brace when you were a kid? I did.

While it isn't any fun by any stretch of imagination, they do serve a purpose. Did you know your dog can get one too?

Image: Virginia Veterinary Dentistry
The upside is, that your dog, unlike a child, won't be made fun off by other dogs in the park.

So when would your dog need a dental brace?

When your dog's teeth are improperly aligned (mal-occluded) it can make chewing quite painful. A misaligned tooth can dig into your dog's palate and cause pain even when they simply close their mouth.

Orthodontic procedures can prevent problems such as:
  • Early onset and increased severity of oral (mouth) infection
  • Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth from sharp teeth penetrating the unprotected gum and mouth tissues
  • Excessive wear: when abnormally aligned teeth grind against each other, the abrasion frequently wears through the enamel, causing the weakened tooth to fracture so that the nerve becomes exposed
  • Pain in the jaw joints as well as in the gums, lips, cheeks, and teeth. 

Source article: Dental Braces for Dogs?

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  1. Canine dental problems are a big deal issue. I know this from my own experience with a lifetime of Yorkies who always seemed to be having dental troubles. We had some specialised root canal treatment a couple of years back in Paris France and it cost a fortune:-)but if you love your dog you wouldnt want them to suffer from mouth disorders and pain whilst eating would you?

  2. Hi David, sorry your Yorkies had such a hard time with their teeth. It's good that today there are options (even though some of them quite costly)

    I'm with you regarding the expense, we could have bought a house for the money we spent on Jasmine. But they are our babies.

  3. So there is need for dental checkup of dog.Is it necessary .

  4. K9 Dental is a good treatment for our pets teeth. My pet name is Girl, a 16 year old Blue Heeler was found to have severe dental tartar with pain with gingivitis. The tartar was scraped off, the teeth were polished and mouth was disinfected. Gingival pockets were filled with antibiotic gel and she was put on antibiotics. Mom and dad are so happy with Girls’ clean mouth and fresh breath.