Friday, December 16, 2011

Veterinary Highlights: Canine Patient Simulators

I am a big fan of simulators. I think simulators are an awesome and safe way to learn things that would be either too costly or too dangerous to learn by real-world-training.

Simulators are used by NASA, airlines ... Hubby has a couple at work for some of the heavy equipment training. I even believe that everybody should learn how to drive on a simulator before getting behind a wheel of an actual car!

Of course, the learning outcome depends on how closely the simulator matches a real-world conditions.

Simulators for veterinary training?

An awesome idea!

Dr. Dan Fletcher, an assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care at Cornell University developed a canine patient simulator using parts from a human patient simulator and a foam core dog mannequin.

This simulator is helping veterinary students to learn critical care skills before facing a real-life emergency.

Veterinary students can develop crucial skills without risking lives of actual canine patients.

Makes them better veterinarians and our dogs safer. Very cool.

Original article: Canine Patient Simulators Prepare Veterinary Students for Emergencies

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