Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterinary Highlights: Adult Stem Cells for Kidney Disease Study

I am always very excited to read about new studies into stem cell therapies.

Jasmine underwent stem cell treatment for her orthopedic issues and we couldn't be more delighted with the results.

Jasmine got stem cell injections together with her knee surgeries, treatment for arthritis in her knees, shoulders, elbow, neck and jaws and IV stem cells. She is over 8 years old now and she is looks and acts half that age!

The stem cells Jasmine got treated with are adult stem cells, extracted from her own fat. 

The treatment was made possible by Vet-Stem, Regenerative Veterinary Medicine. She gets a life-time stem cell supply from her initial fat; Vet-Stem can grow additional cells from a retaining sample.

The Animal Medical Center (AMC) is now running a study testing the impact of intra-arterial stem cell injections on chronic kidney disease in cats and protein-losing nephropathy (glomerulonephritis)  in dogs.

The stem cells will be harvested from fat tissue. "There are a lot of other things in the fat, not just stem cells, that help decrease inflammation, decrease fibrosis, improve the environment of the diseased organs. The study seeks to determine if the treatment improves kidney health.

The dog's body has many self-healing mechanisms in place.

I am always happy to see research into utilizing the body's own abilities to heal itself.

It is funny that to this day some experts find the stem cell therapy questionable; particularly, as they state, for the lack of scientific evidence that it actually works.

I have seen it work. Our vet has seen it work—and he's an old-timer who doesn't get easily fooled.

I can't wait to see the results of this new study.

I believe that stem cell therapy has in incredible potential and it might well be the future of veterinary medicine.

Original article: AMC stem cell study to investigate intra-arterial injection for kidney disease

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  1. Nice Jana. The kidney problems in cats would be very interesting.