Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beauty Came To Eagle's Den Rescue After Being Shot: Zombies Didn't Do This

This beautiful dog has been shot. We are glad she found her way to us, but now we must have help. Here is Beauty's story:

I have been named Beauty by a young lady named Claire. You see, she has saved my life. 

She tells me I am going to see a doctor AS SOON AS THE DOORS OPEN, and I am very scared. She also tells me I need your help, so I am telling you my story so I can try and get the help I need.

I suppose you would consider me a free spirit. There are so many reasons why I might be roaming about, but for now, I cannot get into why... I am not even sure why because I am in so much pain. So I am going to cut to the chase so I can try and rest a bit. I have had something for my pain and something for infection... and fluids.

I hear Dr. LaVine is a good doctor and will help me. I hope so because I do want to live.

I was running about being the free spirit that I have learned to be... out on my own in the world, a relatively young girl. Then I heard a very familiar sound. I heard a human yelling at me. This is something I have come to know well since becoming a free spirit. And let me tell you, being a “free spirit” is not all it is cracked up to be. Humans yell and scream at me; they throw things at me; they kick me... I have learned to avoid them and dodge them at all costs.

So tonight when I heard the human yelling, I ran and I ran as fast as I could. 

But there is a very sad truth here. No matter how fast I run, no matter how quickly I get away from a screaming human, I cannot outrun a bullet.

I have been SHOT. 

Claire and Anna have already taught me that not all humans are bad. They got on the phone with this other human named Beth and there were things happening really fast. I was getting evaluated by someone and hugged by someone else....and with love all around me for the first time in my life I am here telling you my story and asking for help.

After I felt the bullet hit me, I was stunned for a time... and wandered about. 

I was lucky enough to wander in Claire’s backyard. She saw something was wrong with me; I was walking very funny. After using a flashlight, she saw no blood on me and called for her mother and granddad. They got me in where they could see me and once they realized what had happened to me, they called for help. That is when I learned I had wandered into the backyard of people who spend their lives saving my kind.

So while I have spent so much time being a free spirit, avoiding sub-humans, and scrounging about ... all along these people who will love me, already love me.. were right here ready to offer me love and respect. Ready to give me what I need to survive.

But what I need now is help from rescue angels so I can get the care I need. With emergency funds exhausted, the doctor still needs to be paid...

I am asking, can you help Claire, Anna, Beth...Eagle’s Den Rescue... help me?

I have never asked for help before. And it feels a bit strange trusting any human still. But I can see good people all around me and I can feel love and kindness. I am still a young girl and I need to take a chance. I know that now. I am not sure what will become of me if I do not.

This post is published as part of the Blogathon 2011. Help me support Eagle's Den Rescue; hope for dogs who have none.

Eagle’s Den Animal Haven and Rescue Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to helping save the lives of animals through a variety of means:
  •     removing animals from high kill shelters
  •     placing animals in permanent homes
  •     finding foster care until the right home can be located
  •     working with animal shelters as well as other rescue
  •     advocating spay/neuter of animals
  •     the prevention of animal cruelty

We are located in Bladen County, North Carolina. We believe that every animal deserves a loving home that will provide for their basic needs and treat them with the respect they so richly deserve.

Eagle's Den Rescue's Emergency Fund for Injured and Abused Animals.

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