Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are Zombies The Biggest Threat To Your Dog? Top (Potentially) Deadly Dog Health Sins: Lack Of Exercise

How important do you think exercise is for your dog?

Would you believe that exercise is of major importance?

The first thing Jasmine taught me was how much daily walks mean to her.

Exercise is, of course, a way for you dog to dispense their energy and their entertainment. This alone is important enough.

Dog Run

Many behavioral problems stem from inadequate exercise. Tired dog is a good dog, right? Right.

But there is more to it than that. Dog's body was designed to move!

Exercise channels the activity of both mind and body. It improves both mental and physical health.

The benefits of exercise are very much the same for dogs as they are for us. It helps prevent obesity, keeps muscles strong, joints lubricated and mobile. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and promotes stronger lungs. It reduces the incidence of digestive issues.

Would you believe that exercise can even protect your dog's mind from the effects of aging?

This is an exceprt from Dr. Stanley Coren's article on How to protect your dog's mind from the effects of aging: A surprisingly simple solution can be shown that animals which move quickly and frequently tend to have larger and more complex brains than similar classes of animals which are not as active. After millions of years of evolutionary experiment, nervous systems evolved some complex ways of going out to eat.

However the goal of the brain remains the same, namely to coordinate movements.

In this context it is interesting to note that a diminished ability to move is a good indication of the effects of aging. You might say that inflexibility heralds the approach of death, while a flexible body which is capable of making fluid movements that must be synchronized by an agile active brain, are the hallmarks of youth.

Scientists already know from laboratory experiments that rats who spend a lot of time running in exercise wheels have better brains than their layabout lab mates...

Do check out the whole article.

Bottom line? Body, human or canine, was designed to move. 

Lack of exercise will have a profound psychological and physiological impact on your dog.

So get moving. You'll be also better prepared to run in case the zombie apocalypse does come.


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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Great article. I concentrate my awake time during the day getting my Humans out for their exercise. The side benefit is I get 3 times as much!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog