Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are Zombies The Biggest Threat To Your Dog? Top (Potentially) Deadly Dog Health Sins: Deadly Treats

Treats are meant to reward your dog, make him happy. But some treats can make them sick and even kill them.

I would have hoped that everybody knows that some human foods are toxic to dogs by now.

Of course, a poisoned rat, as in Jeb's case, is hopefully a no-brainer.

But what about some delicious foods we enjoy ourselves?

Chocolate, raisins, foods containing artificial sweeteners (xylitol) … all these are treats that can kill your dog.

There are total of 8 human foods that are toxic to pets:
  • grapes, raisins, currants
  • caffeine
  • chocolate
  • xylitol
  • onions, garlic, chives, leeks
  • yeast-bread dough
  • alcohol
  • fatty foods

Check out the dvm360's article for great, detailed info.

That list represents the foods that are most commonly encountered by the Pet Poison HelpLine causing toxic reactions in dogs and cats.

Make sure that the treat you give to your dog is a reward and not a death sentence.


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