Thursday, October 20, 2011

Veterinary Highlights: Surgical Treatment For Severe Heartworm Cases

Veterinarians at the University of Florida announced they can surgically extract heartworms from dogs suffering from severe heartworm infection.

Image McGilvray Veterinary Hospital
This technique is supposed to be minimally invasive and it is the University's answer to shortage of Immiticide, the only FDA approved heartworm treatment drug or dogs.

Using specialized instruments, the heartworms are mechanically removed from the heart and pulmonary arteries through the jugular vein.

Of course it's not without risk but neither is leaving advanced heartworm infection untreated.

The drug treatment isn't risk-free either, and it is a long process. The surgery seems short and sweet.

The Bark Blog states: “Make no mistake: either heartworms or heartworm treatment can kill a dog.”

Personally, I would  think that the surgical option makes more sense for a dog with extensive heartworm infestation than the drug route.

Remember, prevention is ALWAYS better than the best treatment!

Original article at dvm360: UF veterinarians offer alternative treatment for severe heartworm cases

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  1. Ew, that was a very graphic video. I was just doing research on heartworm treatments for my veterinary class. Thanks so much for the helpful information, even for the video. I guess I'll have to get used to things like that.

    1. Hi Brielle. Yeah, if you're taking a veterinary class, I suspect you might need to get used to such things :-)