Friday, October 14, 2011

Veterinary Highlights: Routine Blood Work?

The first blood work Jasmine had done was a pre-anesthesia panel for her spay operation. It was presented to us as optional. Even though I didn't know much of anything back then, I felt it was a good idea.

I couldn't count how many times Jasmine had her blood tested since then.

One thing I learned is the value of blood testing. We don't only run the blood panel when there is something wrong, but every now and then just to make sure nothing is brewing in the background.

There are a lot of things that will show up on a blood panel long before the onset of visible symptoms. 

The sooner you discover a problem, the better the odds for your dog.

And even if your dog is perfectly healthy, it is good to have a baseline to compare results with when he does become ill.

Yes, it is an extra expense. But I believe it's well worth it. 

In fact, Jasmine will be getting her blood and urine tested again by the end of October.

Tails of Seattle: A Pets blog published a great veterinary Q&A on the subject, Why blood work in necessary. Please do read it.

Do I sound like a blood work and urine testing advocate? You better believe it. Such testing will allow you to see what the eyes cannot.

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