Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dawg Business: My 7 Links

Many thanks to Kenzo the Hovawart for passing “my 7 links” to Dawg Business. And sorry it took me a while to get around to this!

While the links below are my picks, I would also love to hear which post would you pick for each of the categories.

1. Most Beautiful Post
Wow, well, beauty in any form isn't really the mission of this blog but I'd have to pick The Many Reasons Why I Love Our Dogs: Loyalty. Loyalty is probably the most valued character trait in dogs and our guys can measure up to any of the heart-warming stories out there.

2. Most Popular Post
Officially and objectively Dawg Business' most popular post is Speaking For Spot: The Single Most Important Dog Book You Will Ever Read. Which makes me very glad because it IS a post recommending the single most important dog book you will ever read.

Seriously. Go, get it. Or as Dino would say, “Buy it, borrow it, steal it … do whatever you gotta do to read it.”

3. Most Controversial Post
My most controversial posts are still in working, I'm being very thoughtful about it because they will be controversial. Having to pick from those already posted, I'd have to go with Brad Pitt Doesn't Believe in Germs. Could he be right? This post is meant to challenge you to question things.

Just because everybody accepts something as a truth it doesn't make it so. What is black today may well be white tomorrow. Keep that in mind. Value expert opinion but remember it is always just that—an opinion. When it comes to your dog's health, I believe that any solution you reach for has to feel right to you also. If it doesn't, look for a different one. There are always other opinions and other solutions out there. (Hm, I wonder whether this post is making it's way to the most controversial one right here)

4. Most Helpful Post
Being helpful is the purpose of this blog. I'm hoping that all my posts are helpful to somebody. I am particularly grateful to all of you who shared your dogs' stories. I believe that real-life stories are most helpful.

If I had to choose one of my posts that I think is the most helpful, I guess I'd pick Talk To Me About ACL Injuries.

5. Post Whose Success Surprised me
Hey, that doesn't sound like very good English! A post, response to which truly surprised and touched me, was my cry out for help in Please Help Jasmine. I was really overwhelmed by all the help, friendship and kind response I received. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all again, you are truly wonderful.

Jasmine is doing great and it's in large part thanks to you!

6. Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved
Well, I tend to think that if a post didn't get much attention, it probably didn't deserve it. I wouldn't even blame the topic but rather the way I addressed it. With that said, I'd have to second Kenzo's dismay at Shiloh still not having a forever home. Shiloh Is Still Looking For A Forever Home. Come on, folks, let's find her one!

7. Post I'm Most Proud Of
There are a few posts I'm quite proud of but if I had to pick one I'd have to go with What's In The Urine? (Part I: What You Can Notice On Your Own). When I was researching for the post I couldn't find any comprehensive resource on the subject. With kind help of Dr. Lorie Huston I think we put together one of a kind article on the subject.


I am also quite proud of The Cancer Antidote that Lies Within: You Will Never Look At Fat The Same Way Again. There, I did it, I put two links instead of one. Do with me what you may. I've put a lot of work into that article, trying to give you one heck of a good reason to keep your dogs thin.


I am passing the “my 7 links” to the following bloggers, looking forward to their picks:

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  1. We both have mixed feelings concerning Shiloh. unbelievable she still has not get adopted.

    You have a great list, but that doesn't come as a surprise :) I have a special relationship to the "Talk to me ..." post and that would be my absolute most helpful post, for a long time to come!

  2. Hi Kenzo! Yes, very sad about Shiloh, any updates on her at all? Gotta wonder how much the fact that project Halo seems overwhelmed and not very responsive to inquiries has to do with it. If you have any updates at all, I'd like to blog about Shiloh as a part of the Adopt Less Adoptable dog campaign.

    Yes, I think the arthritis article is quite helpful also (definitely thrilled that it was helpful for Viva). I was hesitating between that one and the ACL article. At the end I went with objective measures (which of the two had more visitors)

  3. Thanks for sharing your top posts with me - I'll have to read each of them!

    Dropping by on the pet blogger hop tonight. Have a happy weekend with your fur-kids.

  4. What a great article.

    The Cancer Antidote that Lies Within: You Will Never Look At Fat The Same Way Again.

    True for people and dogs. It can change your life. Might as well choose the life is good side! Eat good food. Not too much. Exercise every single day.

    Aloha Wags!

  5. Thank you, Jt. Yes, it's definitely true for both, people and dogs.

    Exercise is definitely an important part of it. Taking care of our dogs' exercise we get it in the process. With the food, though, I have to admit that our dogs eat way better than we do! :-)

  6. Thanks for including me, and thanks for the link!